Sweet Honey Pillow

As the heat rises for the approaching summer, I couldn’t help but be inspired. I have been admiring quilts lately (with the goal of making one myself soon) and I stumbled across one made of hexagons. I instantly thought of honey bees, honey comb… and as you can see I got to work.

I measured and cut out my stencil (with a 1/2″ seam allowance) and gathered all the leftover yellow and orange fabric I had. And started cutting.

Once cut out, I laid out the pieces (I ended up having to add more pieces than pictured above) and I sewed together the columns.

I wish I took a better picture of this next step, but basically what I did was layer the columns on top of each other (after ironing a seam on all sides) with the 1st row behind, 2nd row in front, 3rd row behind, etc. and sewed them together

Once all the hexagons were sewed together it looked like this.

The square of hexagons weren’t enough to cover my 16×16 inch pillow form, so I took the canvas material I purchased for the back and four 2×17 inch long strips. These I pin together along the sides and then sewed along the hexagons’ edges to attach in place.

With that together, I started working on the back. Again for my 16×16 inch pillow form, I cut 2 12×17 inch rectangles to serve as my envelope back. And just in case people didn’t get the idea of honey bees from the front, I wanted to add a subtle hint by embroidering on some bees.

The final step was to sew it all together, with the right side always facing in. Simply layer the three pieces on top of each other and sew (with a 5/8 seam allowance) around all four edges. Cut off all the extra thread, flip it around, add the pillow form and pat yourself on the back for making a pretty adorable pillow!

The day I discovered Something on 2nd

I have lived in Birmingham for almost 2 years now, and when I told a friend that I had never been to Something on 2nd, she was shocked. And after spending 5 minutes in the place, I was mad at myself for not discovering it earlier. If you were like me and have never been, Something on 2nd is an antique store that is 3 stories of stuff – a lot of trinkets and things. I came away with, what I would call, some excellent finds. (1) A magic 8-ball (new favorite thing) and (2) an old cigar box – I hope you see where this is going.



The winning combination of this Modpodge project was the paper I found at Hobby Lobby. The inside paper especially!

I liked the idea of leaving it really simple on the outside – thinking that (as a treasure box) it could easily blend in and go undetected. But on the inside, I guess you could say, I just wanted to point its purpose to the right place.