Eat Your Vegetables

Truth be told, I could always go for a slice of vegetarian pizza, and tonight, I think I’ve made the most delicious veggie pizza I’ve ever had. I found the recipe in this month’s issue of Cooking Light. With some fresh corn, asparagus, red pepper and cheese, I can tell you that this pizza tastes just as good as it looks.


Quilted American Flag

Weeks after making a quilt, I can’t help but want to make another one. And with leftover fabric from my patriotic napkins, I decided to make a small, yet very festive, decorative quilt.

Sorry, but I didn’t take any pictures as I made the flag since the project started out on a whim. But shoot, didn’t it turn out pretty adorable! (I love the embroidery detail. It really makes it look more hand-quilted, though it is definitely machine-quilted!)


Once I finished the flag, I dug up an abandoned canvas, grabbed a stapler and mounted it!


Which brings me to the finished product…