Spin Art is the best

I uploaded pictures from my camera today and found this little gem from the last month. For Welcome Back Week, we had an “art” day, meaning free Pastry Art’s baby bites, free caricature artists and my favorite, free spin art! We put a clothes line out between two trees for people to hang their spin art to dry, but secretly, I do this so I can collect all the abandoned and the forgotten ones for myself. Truth be told, spin art makes the best stationary. Here, I used it to write thank you letters to people who helped us out during the week.

I use them as post cards, simply drawing a line down the middle. I think the extra paint on the back makes it look even better. If only I could have my very own spin art machine, I could start a business.

For pleasant lighting

The florescent lights in my door room is the worse. My roommate and I refuse to turn on the small, buzzing, over head light. Our solution – lots of lamps. Abby has one by her bed, I have one by my desk and we have one in the corner by the mirror. (Trust me, it creates a nice ambiance) But I have been wanting to have a light by my bed, one that I could read by. So of course, I went to the internet, saw many ideas for hanging lamps, and traveled to Hobby Lobby with a semi-clear idea. That is until I reached the ribbon section.



The project was super easy. All I purchased was a variety of white/off-white ribbons and lace and a small embroidery hoop. I attached the ribbon and lace to the hoop by removing the outer hoop, folding the ribbon around the inner hoop and whip stitching the ribbon in place. I cut the ribbon at different lengths to create a more imperfect feel.


Once I finished attaching the ribbon, I put the outer hoop back on and used four pieces of ribbon to hang it. At Walmart, I found a Bottle lamp kit for $5. I assembled the kit by following the instructions up until inserting the cork into the bottle. I kind of make-shifted it so it hung down straight.

I put a hook in my ceiling, and simply hung the lamp and the cord together, letting the cord hang down the corner of my room. It has become the perfect reading lamp. The only thing that bugs me is the white lamp against the white walls… basically, it looks like another project is in the works.

“I’m a hard, hard worker everyday”

I know, I know, I know. It’s been awhile since I last updated my blog. Even my grandmother pointed it out to me. But it’s not that I have abandoned it; I have just been very, very busy. Homecoming has consumed my life, along with school work and being in charge of the yearbook, but as of Sunday at around 4 p.m., it is finished. I have survived.

I couldn’t be more excited with how the week turned out and the feedback I have received so far. We did some things that have never been done before (like s’mores in Ben Brown) and the traditional things were even bigger than before (like the bonfire). Happily, I will break down the week for you. (Photos provided by Hilliary Hallman)

Monday – to start the week off in a big way, we had a velcro wall, caramel apples and fresh kettle corn (you could smell it all the way across campus).


Fun fact: The t-shirts we sold for the week sold out in less than two days. I guess you can’t beat Comfort Color long-sleeves, especially with the design (created by the Kaleigh Warwick!)

Tuesday – We had s’mores in Ben Brown, but since we didn’t want to buy fire pits (we had nowhere to store them) and we were told fire barrels are too much of a hassle, we used a sterno flame. We did a lot research for this, to make sure it wasn’t poisonous or anything. (Good news, it isn’t!) We actually bought cans from Sams Club. The whole thing was relatively cheap, and so much fun!


Wednesday – We brought back the Samford Homecoming tradition of wings and mechanical bull. We had 2500 wings to pass out. But this year, due to a ridiculously cheaper price, we had a bungee bull come instead of the mechanical one. It was hilarious to watch, since it is your friends who are trying to knock you off the bull.

Starting on Wednesday, we laid out a vinyl banner for people to sign in support for our football team. On Friday, we sent the banner over to Athletics to hang it up in the football team’s field house. By the end of the week, the banner was full of names and messages.


Thursday – We served over 1000 cheese biscuits from Jim n’Nicks (they said it was the largest order they had ever received) along with ice tea and lemonade (to make an arnold palmer of course). Plus we had two high strikers to play with. At one point, a professor in the Business school came out, and in fury of rage, took the mallets back to her office (to be fair, they were pretty loud and annoying).

Friday – We woke up on Friday to a cold and rainy day, so we moved everything inside and had to cancel some things. But for how tired I felt that morning, the move inside was welcomed. It was our day with a lot of free giveaways – buttons, cupcakes, croakies and rally towels (we made them for Saturday’s football game). We also had a free, Samford-themed photo booth.




And those were just the events during the day. We also had a few evening events, including a trivia night on Monday and a movie on the Quad (featuring Ferris Bueller) on Wednesday. And then, to kick off the weekend activities, we had the Homecoming Bonfire on Friday night.

The event consisted of a prep rally-type program. The marching band and the cheerleaders came. We presented the Homecoming Court and the football team along with head coach Pat Sullivan came and said a few words.


And we concluded the night with a concert featuring the band Caleb from Nashville. On Saturday, we were in charge of the Homecoming parade, and it was a great success. Then all the traditional game day events kicked in including tailgating. Mom and Dad were there, so it was nice to just chill and eat a hot dog before the game. Our grand finale was the halftime presentation of the Homecoming Court (you can visit Samford’s website for those pictures) With it all done, I went back to my parent’s hotel to kick of my shoes and take a break. It was a fantastic week! And though it was crazy and stressful at times, I wouldn’t change a moment of it. Happy Homecoming!

PS – If you picked up on the Avett Brothers reference in the title, you’re my new best friend.