A World View


Another quilt, another day. My mother purchased this fabric for me months ago, asking me to make a quilt for her. At the time, we just had heard the news of our my coming nephew, and I was all into quilt making! Little did I know it would take me forever to finish it (mainly because my crafting leave-of-absence over the summer.)

I started with the fabric. The map piece was a yard, so I purchased a coordinating yard of fabric for the back. Basting it together with a layer of batting, I purchased a ton of black embroidery floss for the next step: quilting.



I traced each contient. Europe would have killed me if I traced each country. And I will tell you this, the process takes a long time (as hand-sewing does), but I think it is totally worth it.


I did not hide the knots on the back, My initial thought was the quilt would be cute hung on the wall, so hiding the knots wouldn’t matter. By now I wish I took the extra time and did it anyways.



Once I finished quilting, I cut down the border to prepare for the binding. I only wanted an 1/2 inch edge.


For the binding, I cut 2-inch wide strips. See how I finish quilts here.

A Felt Christmas


Merry Christmas Eve!! My parents gave me an old Christmas tree they had to use in my house in Birmingham, but when school let out, I brought it home to decorate my wing of the house (aka the basement).

So with a blank slate, I naturally pulled out some felt.


I freehanded each piece. I wish I could give you a template, but the project began on a whim, thinking I could use them as gift tags. Quickly, one or two ordaments turned into twenty.


To add additional decorations to the tree, I created a very simple paper garland to wrap the tree in. I purchased some Christmas scrapbooking paper and used a punch to make all of the circles.



Using a sewing machine creates a very easy process. Simply slipping each circle under the sewing foot as the machine feeds it through. Once you get the rhythm, you’ll have 6-feet of garland before you know it.


The final step (and the best step) is taking everything you have made and adding it to the tree.


And there you have it. A tree so simple, you could create it the day before!

From my family to yours – I wish you a very crafty Christmas!!

Two Years In


With another year comes another milestone. Today marks this blog’s 2nd birthday!! And all I can saw is thank you.

Following my summer hiatus, I logged back into WordPress and found an average of 30 visitors a day. And this is after four months of posting nothing. I don’t know who all of you are, but I am grateful for your loyalty and encouragement.

I’ll keep posting if you keep coming back.

For the Love of Letterpress

My love for felt and sewing are in no matched to my love for letterpress. It is a skill I have always wanted to learn, and images I have always want throughout my entire home. The problem (as always) is the price. Classes are expensive, and multiple prints cost too much for my college budget to handle.

But that is no longer an issue, thanks to the “LetterMPress” app for my Mac.

LetterMPress is not a new application. It has been available for the iPad and the iPhone for awhile, but recently, it was added for Macbooks. A friend of my informed me of the change (she used it to make her adorable Christmas cards), and hearing the price was only $10, I downloaded the app right away.


It does take an afternoon to get use to the application. In simulating true letterpress, blocks move when they collide into others, and I struggled with making straight lines for awhile. But thanks to the online tutorial (which I highly suggest browsing through), I picked up several tricks that were helpful.

Just remember, letterpress is all about the layers – meaning, it will take awhile to achieve the image you have in your mind. Be patient. The end result is worth it! And luckily, you are using a computer. The undo shortcut is always there if you need it.



Up for a Ride

Last spring, I had an idea to create a hot air balloon on canvas. Instead of taking the easy route and using paint, I decided I wanted to embroider the entire thing. Goodness, if only I knew then how long this project would take me.


Nine month later, I am happy to say the project is finally complete.


For the balloon, I did not use a special technique. I simply threaded a needle and took in and out, over and over again. I choose the colors one layer at a time. The selection was completely random, and if you notice, some colors repeat often and some are only used once.



I love how the wrong side of the canvas really shows off all of the work put into the piece. It took a lot of thread.


The final touch was stitching the basket. I was nervous about this detail, worried that would take away from the overall look of the ballon, but I am happy with how it turned out. I wanted to basket to have more of a textured look, so I used a darning stitch to make it look weaved.



Wishing for Watercolors


I wish I could master the art of watercolors. I saw a watercolor painting of flowers the other day, and I longed for the day when I could recreate it. But instead of throwing myself a pity party, I pulled out the good ‘0le acrylic paint and made something new.

Inspired by the trip to the Birmingham Museum of Art, I adored the unfinished paintings of Norman Rockwell. Lacking the final touch of detail, I found the incomplete status beautiful.