The 50th Post

It dawned on me when I logged onto my WordPress dashboard that this post would be my 50th. A small mile stone, but one that I think should be celebrated nonetheless. So for my 50th blog post I thought it would only be right to highlight my top 5 projects that you might have missed.

#5 – Look to the Stars

This project is one of the few that I have kept for myself. I simply love everything about space, especially the stars. And working at a nature camp during the summer has taught me to love the constellations stories. This project was super easy to make, and it is simply one of my favorites!

#4 – A Scarf in the Snow

I know we are in the middle of the summer, but I still love the braided scarf I made the week my family and I were snowed in for a week this past January. I ended up giving it away as a gift, but I keep thinking that if I ever sold one of my projects, this would be a best seller! I love its sweetness and simplicity!

#3 – Finishing My Quilt

For those of you who follow my blog, you might recognize this one as being blog post #49 since I just finished this project last weekend, but it belongs in the top 5 because it is the most legit sewing project I have done to date. I have always wanted to make a quilt, and I am so proud of myself for finally pulling it off! (Plus, I think it turned out adorable!)

#2 – Anthropologie Inspired

This project brought about the most hits to my site in one day (over 100 visitors). I was amazed at how far my blog reached with this project, with friends sending the link to friends. It was such a cool and relatively easy project to make. Plus, I have great memories of the night I stayed up to make it in my dorm room with my roommates and I all in the same room, working on things and just hanging out.

#1 – A Little Bit of Outer Space

I feel like it is only fitting that the top spot belongs to the project that started it all. After making the solar system using felt, I knew I needed some sort of medium to display the projects I was making. It was the project that inspired the blog’s title (For the Love of Felt), and it pushed me in the direction of making more elaborate crafts. I think it will always be my favorite!


One comment on “The 50th Post

  1. hissimplelook says:

    SWaller, this is a great 50th post! I’ll catch up to you soon. I know you’re posts are better because yours deal with your own projects, so maybe my 500th post equals your 50th? Anyway, see you soon!

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