Something New


While graduate school has consumed much of the spare time that I used to spend on my Etsy store, the fact is, there is still a lot of felt fabric left in my house. And several times a year, I have the great desire to pull it all out and make something new.

This time, it was to make felt crowns.

The idea was inspired by a birthday party. I live in an affluent neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama, and over the past year, I’ve been blowed away by the elaborate birthday parties my neighbors and friends host for their young children.

After looking at a Facebook post from a friend, the idea came to me: What if you made felt decorations that could be used at children’s birthday parties (replacing its paper equivalent). I thought about decorations, like banners, but I quickly fell in love with idea of felt crowns and hats.

So I pulled out all of the felt and started to play. The first crown I made used pink felt and purple pompoms, and while I continued to make other crowns using other themes (like a pirate crown, butterfly crown, birthday crown, etc.), this first version remained my favorite.









IMG_9096    IMG_9085

With one more year to go on my graduate program, I don’t think I’ll be reopening my Etsy shop anytime soon. But I will always appreciate a free Saturday afternoon when you can just let you mind wander.


One comment on “Something New

  1. annawaller says:

    Birthday Party Crowns–I love ’em

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