Sewing a simple bag

Even after making my quilt, I still had a lot of extra fabric lying around from earlier projects. With work, I haven’t had much spare time to drive to the fabric store, so I started thinking about different projects I could do with the scraps.
A pencil pouch seemed like something I could easily do. I didn’t really have a plan going in to it (so at times I had to take out stitches and try again) But once I figured it out, I realized this project is so easy, it could be mass produced.

I started off with the fabric. I cut two 10×5.5 inch rectangles of two different fabrics (the blue fabric acting as an lining. I also bought a 9 inch zipper.

Even though the goal was to make a simple pencil pouch, I still wanted it to be something special. So I pull out some embroidery thread to add a 3D element!


With that finished, I began the sewing! Lining up the two fabrics and arranging the zipper on top (right sides facing in), I attached the zipper to the fabric.

Rearranged it and did the same for the other two pieces of fabric (again, with the right sides always facing in. In the end, the zipper should be attached and look like this…

I sewed two more seams on either side of the zipper(using a 1/4 inch allowance), and then, placing the right sides together again, I sewed along the rectangle, creating the pouch.

Flip everything around, and it turns out like this. My sewing skills were far from perfect on this project, but the fact is, the project turned out functional (so it’s a successful one). And I love the embroidery detail. It really makes it something special!