Life as an intern

What would college be without an internship. Working 15 hours a week and not getting paid. Sometimes that frustrates me, but then I come into work and my boss gives me a really cool assignment – like shopping around Birmingham looking for products to highlight in the “Goods” spread – and the lack of pay somehow becomes a minor detail. I have been given this assignment two months in a row. For the April issue, it was a picnic themed. For May, you’ll just have to buy a copy of Birmingham magazine when it hits newsstands. April was fun. Having been given the theme of picnics,  I decided to take a vintage verse modern approach after I found this woman who sells vintage picnic equipment – baskets, badminton rackets, croquet – you name it. I paired her things with more modern picnic wear I found at local shops, like these spoon, fork & knife combination.


Once I had collected all products, it was time for the photo shoot, and it was my first exposure to the design side of the magazine, styling products to make them look good. Being my first photo shoot, I’ll admit I was a little intimidated at first, but I quickly became more comfortable. The whole thing was just so much fun!

For the whole experience, you really should pick up a copy of Birmingham magazine’s April issue to see the final product. But for those people in the digital world, you can also see it on the magazine’s website (Click HERE). I have some other stories in this issue too, so keep your eyes out for them.


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