Office Decor: A Cubicle Fiesta

A handful of my co-workers take birthdays very serious. One co-worker in particular went above and beyond (aka asked HR) to find out the date of everyone’s birthday in the office. (She keeps our master calendar.) So when it happens be the birthday of one of these individuals, we like to go all out – well, as far out as you can go with streamers and poster boards.

Most recently, we selected a theme, and you know me, I love a good theme.


Naturally, I started with Pinterest and stumbled across this adorable phrase. (You can make fun of me, but I just think it’s hilarious!) And then, to create the texture of a pinata, I cut a  row of small slits in steamer (or crepe) paper. I layered the different color pieces on top of each other and taped them down on the back.

If I had more time, I wanted to make a matching pinata (but alas, there are only so many hours in a day). But if I had the time, I would have used the same technique to cover the cardboard.


My other addition to the decorations was this mini garland of this fiesta bunting. Though I think it’s original purpose is for cake decorating, I knew my friend would appreciate the miniature decor. For the free printable (click here).


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