Quilting with 1canoe2 Fabric


My friends Lyndsay and Eric recently welcomed their first child, and in the months leading up to the due date, my group of friends hosted the sweetest baby shower. I wasn’t a part of the party planning, so I decided to use the time to create a baby quilt. And luckily, when this idea came to me, 1canoe2 announced a sale on its fabric.


I am a big fan of 1canoe2. For several months, I participated in its greeting card subscription, and I’m pretty much obsessed with its new collection of fabric bags. But with this quilt, it was the first time I purchased 1canoe2 fabric.










Because its simple and easy, I decided to make the quilt using half triangles. I love this pattern because there are so many ways that you can arrange the different fabrics.


It’s funny. Now that I am looking back through the pictures, I actually prefer the option abovewith the light blue in the center. But I must have known deep down that they were going to have a girl. (The gender was surprise.) The final version has the link pink fabric in the center.


I love it when you find the perfect fabric for the back of the quilt, and I feel like I hit the jackpot with this teal moth pattern.


One comment on “Quilting with 1canoe2 Fabric

  1. Barbara Waller says:

    Beautiful Sarah. Lucky new parents!

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