Felt Spider-Man Masks

My cousin and I saw Spider-Man: No Way Home in theaters the night before it was officially released. I didn’t release this was an option, but, I guess, gone are the midnight showings of my youth. I truly enjoyed every minute of the movie, and it was magical to watch it spoiler-free. I’ve always said that Spiderman was my favorite superhero, but this latest movie has sealed the deal.

This Christmas, I knew I wanted to make a felt gifts for the kids of several of my friends. Back in 2018, I made a handful of felt animal masks for my niece and nephews, so the thought struck me: felt superhero masks. Of course, Spiderman was my first instinct, and I love how they turned out. The red felt and back thread were materials I already had, and I was amazed at how cutting out the eyes made the mask instantly recognizable.


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