For the Love of Letterpress

My love for felt and sewing are in no matched to my love for letterpress. It is a skill I have always wanted to learn, and images I have always want throughout my entire home. The problem (as always) is the price. Classes are expensive, and multiple prints cost too much for my college budget to handle.

But that is no longer an issue, thanks to the “LetterMPress” app for my Mac.

LetterMPress is not a new application. It has been available for the iPad and the iPhone for awhile, but recently, it was added for Macbooks. A friend of my informed me of the change (she used it to make her adorable Christmas cards), and hearing the price was only $10, I downloaded the app right away.


It does take an afternoon to get use to the application. In simulating true letterpress, blocks move when they collide into others, and I struggled with making straight lines for awhile. But thanks to the online tutorial (which I highly suggest browsing through), I picked up several tricks that were helpful.

Just remember, letterpress is all about the layers – meaning, it will take awhile to achieve the image you have in your mind. Be patient. The end result is worth it! And luckily, you are using a computer. The undo shortcut is always there if you need it.