The day I discovered Something on 2nd

I have lived in Birmingham for almost 2 years now, and when I told a friend that I had never been to Something on 2nd, she was shocked. And after spending 5 minutes in the place, I was mad at myself for not discovering it earlier. If you were like me and have never been, Something on 2nd is an antique store that is 3 stories of stuff – a lot of trinkets and things. I came away with, what I would call, some excellent finds. (1) A magic 8-ball (new favorite thing) and (2) an old cigar box – I hope you see where this is going.



The winning combination of this Modpodge project was the paper I found at Hobby Lobby. The inside paper especially!

I liked the idea of leaving it really simple on the outside – thinking that (as a treasure box) it could easily blend in and go undetected. But on the inside, I guess you could say, I just wanted to point its purpose to the right place.