A Fishing-Inspired Christmas

Christmas gifts for my fisherman dad – fisherman ornaments!

And if you’re like my family and leave your Christmas tree up until Epiphany, this is a simple craft that you can add to the tree before the Christmas season is over. The bobbers were super easy. I simply bought a pack of traditional bobbers for 50 cents, and I attached a thicker ribbon using the hook that attaches onto the fishing line.

The fishing lure was easy too. But to be better safe than sorry (especially after my dad got a hook stuck in his thumb), the points of the hooks need to be removed. Then I just added a ribbon – and I picked a lure that (was cheap) and had a loop at the top so it hung straight.


3 comments on “A Fishing-Inspired Christmas

  1. amy says:

    very cool!!!

  2. amy says:

    Sarah this blog is great! Thanks for sharing :). I saw it posted on Kyle’s facebook and am so impressed with all that you have done and are doing :). Great to see you the other day as well. Blessings to you for 2011!!!

  3. Jane Marie says:

    Love the bass pro shops representation!

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