I’m Seeing Green: Indie Ladies Step Sing

The longest running Samford tradition is in full swing, and it would be an understatement to say that Step Sing is sort-of taking over my life. I will admit the crafting has not been very active, but I’m hoping after today’s trip to Hobby Lobby, things will turn around. (Now I’ll just need to find some spare time.)

In the midst of the craziness, I have been doing projects here and there, but of course, they are all Step Sing related. And being in the Independent Ladies’ show, everything is looking green (aka our official color).

First project – I volunteered to decorate our show’s bucket we use to collect donations for the show’s charity. And of course, with limited time and a limited budget, I fell back on good ol’ felt.

I created stencils out of basic printing paper before cutting the felt. And then, to give the letters a little sparkle, I used glittery, green felt as the background. (Note – I usually despise glitter (it gets everywhere), but I really wanted the letters to pop! So I guess the sacrifice was worth it).

Once the letters were done, I glued them onto the bucket that was already adorned with camo felt. The one problem I did not anticipate was the size of the letters. If I could do this again, I would most definitely make the letters smaller so you could read the whole thing without having to spin the bucket, but oh well. It’s done and I think it turned out cute.

Project #2: Indie Ladies flag

I literally made this flag in 30 minutes, so I wasn’t surprised that after two waves, the white fabric began to fray. But the important thing is that it’s green and it boldly displays our letters. I bought an American flag at Walmart, and after gently removing the flag, I used the stick for my own.

And finally: Encouragement baskets for a few of the other shows.

And yes, I did make a special trip to Publix to purchase green bags. What can I say, I’ve been seeing green more and more everyday. If you are in the Birmingham area next weekend (Feb. 10-12), you should definitely try to catch a Samford Step Sing show. It’s going to be amazing!


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