I can now see how people quit their jobs to run for political office. It is time consuming, and let’s face it, I don’t have spare time. For Samford’s SGA, I am running for the position of Vice President for Events. Over Spring Break, I tried to work on campaign posters. Since I don’t have any Adobe programs on my laptop, I played around in Word, but quickly gave up in frustration. I figured, why use technology when I am way more comfortable being crafty.

I stumbled across a poster awhile back that cut out the letters using an exacto knife, and I figured why not. The first poster did take a two hours, but the second, third and forth didn’t take long at all. I quickly became obsessed with the idea.



I found black poster board at Walmart, so for the two posters I made with it, I played around a little more. For my name, I only pealed back the black layer.


My thought process behind cutting out the letters was that when placed on a bulletin board, the colors of the posters behind it would shine through. It didn’t turn out exactly how I envisioned it, but I still liked it. Sadly, I only made 5 posters – so you kind of have to keep an out of them


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