Something Beautiful

When I lived in Washington D.C. last summer, I would wander the halls of the National Museum of Art and feel envious of the painters who were allowed to spend hours recreating the masterpieces that hung on its walls. On certain lazy Sundays, I like to take up the practice of mimicking another’s work. Though it may sound strange, I find the practice rather relaxing, but truly, studying the stroke and technique of another painter is the best way to grow as a painter yourself. Today, I decided to bask in the art of flowers (ones first created by Erin Gregory).



4 comments on “Something Beautiful

  1. says:

    Gorgeous! Nothing more to say. Love G-ma

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  2. says:

    Gorgeous! Nothing more to say. Love, G- ma

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  3. […] weekends, you just need to take time to paint. And for this particular paint session, I continued my study of Erin […]

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