Spin Art is the best

I uploaded pictures from my camera today and found this little gem from the last month. For Welcome Back Week, we had an “art” day, meaning free Pastry Art’s baby bites, free caricature artists and my favorite, free spin art! We put a clothes line out between two trees for people to hang their spin art to dry, but secretly, I do this so I can collect all the abandoned and the forgotten ones for myself. Truth be told, spin art makes the best stationary. Here, I used it to write thank you letters to people who helped us out during the week.

I use them as post cards, simply drawing a line down the middle. I think the extra paint on the back makes it look even better. If only I could have my very own spin art machine, I could start a business.


Let the Crafting Begin

Let’s face it, you simply can’t go wrong with felt! It’s easy to use, it’s soft, and it’s simply adorable. And it’s my current obsession (hence the name of the blog).

I created this blog to share with you all the creative ideas that float through my head (and the ones that inspire me too). I hope you come back soon and visit. As I raise my right hand, I promise to stay loyal and post often.

I have so many ideas, and you should have so many things to look forward to:

See you soon!