For pleasant lighting

The florescent lights in my door room is the worse. My roommate and I refuse to turn on the small, buzzing, over head light. Our solution – lots of lamps. Abby has one by her bed, I have one by my desk and we have one in the corner by the mirror. (Trust me, it creates a nice ambiance) But I have been wanting to have a light by my bed, one that I could read by. So of course, I went to the internet, saw many ideas for hanging lamps, and traveled to Hobby Lobby with a semi-clear idea. That is until I reached the ribbon section.



The project was super easy. All I purchased was a variety of white/off-white ribbons and lace and a small embroidery hoop. I attached the ribbon and lace to the hoop by removing the outer hoop, folding the ribbon around the inner hoop and whip stitching the ribbon in place. I cut the ribbon at different lengths to create a more imperfect feel.


Once I finished attaching the ribbon, I put the outer hoop back on and used four pieces of ribbon to hang it. At Walmart, I found a Bottle lamp kit for $5. I assembled the kit by following the instructions up until inserting the cork into the bottle. I kind of make-shifted it so it hung down straight.

I put a hook in my ceiling, and simply hung the lamp and the cord together, letting the cord hang down the corner of my room. It has become the perfect reading lamp. The only thing that bugs me is the white lamp against the white walls… basically, it looks like another project is in the works.