Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

From January to November, I am all about using kraft paper for all of my gift wrapping needs. Add in a ┬ácute ribbon, and I have a simple yet adorable package to give out for birthdays, weddings – you name it! But come December, and I can’t help but fall in love with the festive holiday options.

But since life after college has been all about being resourceful, I decided to not invest in the beautiful and very tempting sheets of holiday wrapping (I’m looking at you Paper Source), and instead, use the materials I already have: brown paper, paint and plenty of ribbons!


Step 1: Wrap your gift. (Easy enough)


Step 2: Paint your design. (My flowers are a mixture of white paint with touches grey and red and black centers.)


Step 3: Tie it all up with a bow.

(Sadly, it appears that I got so into gift giving that I forgot to take pictures of this step and onward.) But just imagine it in mind – the beauty of a simple, wrapped gift.