A Stately Touch

IMG_2138As a gift for a friend who lives abroad, I made her some customized tea towels that would help remind her of home. The project is simple and cheap to make. I purchased the towels at Target for less than $3, and I used scrap fabric and Heat n’ Bond adhesive to make the appliqué.

IMG_2135To use the Heat n’ Bond, I traced my chosen state (Georgia) off my iPad. I then traced the reverse image on the back side of the Heat n’ Bond paper. Using an iron, I attached the paper and then cut out the shape. I then ironed on the fabric to the towel and used my sewing machine to secure it in place.


And then, because it is so darn trendy, I added a small heart. (Don’t we always say, the home is where the heart is?) I also made a towel for the country she currently lives in.

Voila – a simple, easy gift for a new home.