Homemade invitations for a pineapple-themed dinner party



I firmly believe that one’s 25th birthday should be celebrated in a big way.  Not only does 25 years mark a quarter of a century, but I see it as an important mile marker in the transition into “adult.” Postgrad life can be tough learning how to handle big-time jobs, real-life bills and grown up relationships. By turning 25, you have a couple of these years under your belt, and you’re no longer considered a rookie.

So when I made plans to visit my best friend in Florida for her birthday celebration weekend, I knew a party had to be planned. First stop, the invitations!


I wanted to pick a theme for the party – mainly for the decorations – that was simple. The party is going to be a casual event with friends: dinner, cake and a few games. I wouldn’t be surprised if after dinner we simply sit around, tell stories and laugh. So I decided to pick a simple icon that would stand as the theme of the party, and I selected the pineapple.

For the invitations, I made flat, felt pineapples to place like a letterhead. I cut out the two pieces of felt by hand, and then using black thread, I stitched the design (as well as attached the two pieces together). Once complete, I used Elmer’s glue to glue the felt piece to the card stock.


I bought the card stock at Paper Source, and simply wrote out the information by hand. I’m so happy with how it all turned out. Now with these in the mail, it’s time to plan a party!



My Love Letter to Paper Source

Birmingham has seen so much growth since I moved here in 2009 – new music venues, restaurants and a baseball stadium. But if I were to list my top five favorite businesses that have moved to the Magic City in the past 4 years, Paper Source is definitely one them.

Why do I love this place? Not only do they have a wonderful selection of cards and stationary, but they also sell sheets of wrapping paper that I use as posters. For less than $5 a sheet, they make for easy decor (seen here in my bedroom).

Now Paper Source is not paying for me to write this post, but if anyone from the company is reading this, I would happily endorse you more in return for gift cards and stationary!