My heart’s on a string


If you have been reading this blog from the beginning, you’ll notice that I have made this garland before (See the first one and a Valentine’s Day version). After living in my house for several months, I just couldn’t get over how plain our mantel looked. I wanted to bring it to life, so naturally, I thought to make this.

IMG_1996I used felt, polyester fill and some embroidery floss. I cut out the hearts by hand and then sewn two pieces together, leaving a hole to stuff it with filling. Once it had some shape, I sewed the hole closed. With six hearts made, I took the embroidery floss and stringed the hearts together.

IMG_2022Once it was complete, I tied the garland to nails on our mantel. The project took me less than an hour to make. (I actually made it impulsively when a friend called one afternoon and told me she was running an hour late.)




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