[Felt] Leaves are in the Air

Do you find it strange that fall is so colorful? I mean, not to get too philosophical, but even in the midst of the dying leaves, natures bursts forth a new color spectrum. God is pretty spectacular.

And those my felt leaves in no way compare to the real thing, they are still fun to make!


My friend Melissa asked me to make a bunch of felt leaves she could use to create a wreath. She wanted a variety of shapes and colors, so I happily obliged. After cutting out the leaves (I did use stencils for some of them), I used thread to stitch in the veins. But since I knew she wanted to make a wreath, I didn’t care to cover up the back side.


With the leaves, Melissa wrapped a foam ring with raffia and used a hot glue fun to attach the leaves. The finished product came together wonderfully! I love it so much, I feel like I need to make another one for myself!



As the [Felt] Leaves Fall

Despite the fact that it’s snowing in Ohio, it’s still autumn in this part of the world! And why not celebrate it with this easy-to-make garland of felt leaves.


I apologize for not taking more step-by-step photography, but I kind of whipped these together while watching a movie one night. But the process is simple. Cut out two pieces of felt into a leaf-shape. Feel free to go online and find a template to help. I stitched the veins into one piece of the leaf with embroidery floss.

I put a layer of batting between the two layers of felt and used thread to blanket stitch the pieces together.


I strung my leaves onto a garland, but you could also use them individually as gift tags or ornaments.

Don’t have time to make this yourself. Then feel free to buy this garland at my Etsy shop!


The Colors of Fall (and Felt)

With Christmas only days away, I realize how late this post is. (But better late than never, I like to say) For Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to change up our family’s traditional table setting with a new table runner. And of course, the material of choice was felt.

I printed off different leaf templates and used them as stencils to cut the felt leaves. I stuck with five colors (brown, light green, dark green, yellow and dark red). I then cut a long rectangle out of white muslin – the base of the table runner. I used black embroidery thread to attach the leaves to the muslin by sewing the views of the leaves.

Once all the leaves were attached, I cut another rectangle of fabric and sewed the two pieces together (placing right sides together and sewing with a 1/2 inch allowance). The finished product is simply adorable, and it looked great on our Thanksgiving table.

Extra note: At each plate setting, I cut out more leaves on cardboard paper and wrote Bible verses on each. The napkins were tied together with the same ribbon I used in the table runner complimented by a nice sprig of rosemary.