A little bit of Outer Space

My final project for my Physical Geography class this semester was to make something creative. (And yes, I am in college). Being the person that I am, I fully embraced this project and made something that took far longer than the 4-hour minimum…

The Solar System made out of felt!

I tried to make each object look as realistic as possible (when made out of felt). And I added some other materials to add a touch of detail. For example, each rocky planet (aka Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars – along with the moon) is outlined with cardboard. And each gaseous planets and the Sun are outlined in toile.

I just felt weird not included Pluto. I grew up being told it was a planet, and I guess I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around the fact that there are only 8 official planets. So Pluto was included, but note, it was optional.

And just in case people didn’t know which planet was which, I did a little embroidering on the back side to clarify.

My professor hung it up in the classroom after I presented it, and yes, I will repeat, this was for a college class. Figure that out for me, then figure out how I got a 99 on the project. (After working on it for 2 week, I feel like I have to right to be a little bitter!)


6 comments on “A little bit of Outer Space

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  2. Love this and totally going to try it with my 3rd grader this weekend. She’s crafty, but I have a feeling it won’t look quite like yours.

    As for the 99, I had a professor one tell me that we needed to stop assuming we started with a 100% and lost points, but instead, assume that we started with a 75% and gained points, so if you look at it that way, a 99 is pretty awesome. *grin*

    I know. I’m not too helpful, am I?

    Thanks for sharing your super idea here!

  3. I just found a pin to this post from Pinterest. I’m sure glad I did! What a great blog!

  4. krista Wodzinski says:

    I really like this idea. It is a unique way of representing the planets using other options other than paint, crayons, pastels, etc. I look forward to doing this with my kindergarden class this week (tweeking it a bit to their age level). 🙂

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