I am making a quilt!

My roommate said it best when I texted her the good news. “Well, of course you are,” she said. It’s been a goal of mine to make a quilt since I was a senior in high school. The only problem was, I had no idea where to start.

So with a sewing machine finally in my procession, I told myself that this summer was going to be the season. No matter how many tests and trials it would take, I am going to make a quilt. But before I bought any batting, I did a lot of research. I got books from the library, watched YouTube videos, but it was a magazine my mom bought me that finally made everything click. I am a complete newbie to quilting, so I realized I needed to follow some sort of pattern. I found this brick style quilt in that magazine, and with a few alterations to their plan, I had one of my own in the making.

Quilt Making (Part 1): Picking and Cutting Fabric

I quickly learned that quilting can be expensive if you plan to purchase all your fabric. So I embraced the patchwork idea by using scraps I had leftover. Plus I went to 3 different fabric stores to dig through their scrap fabric bins. The only fabric I really spent money on was a couple fat squares of fabric (basically packaged scrap pieces, all measuring around 18×22 inches). Usually priced around $1.99, but I found a store that had them on sale for 99 cent.

None of my fabrics “match” but I chose subtle, muted prints to make sure that nothing clashes.

For my brick style quilt, I cut 4×8.5 inch rectangles. I started off measuring and cutting with a ruler, but it just took too long. So I got smart and made a template. It definitely sped the process along.

Once I had all the rectangles cut out, I began layout out the pieces and mapping out my quilt. (I did this 4 rows at a time. Mapping them out and then sewing it together.)

Sewing them together is simple. Simply use a straight stitch to sew together the rows and iron down the seams.

Once the row is established, you can start pinning and sewing the rows together (using a straight stitch) and start growing the quilt vertically.

And with that, you and I are off to a great start.

A place for the knife, fork and spoon

One day, my Mom and I were walking around stores in downtown Homewood and found these place mats made out of burlap. Of course, I looked at them and thought the price tag was way too high when I could easily make it myself. So I stored that idea and pulled it out for this past Mother’s Day.

Thanks to a very informative trip to JoAnn Fabrics one day, I finally learned the easiest way to cut burlap. (see technique here)


For the place mats, I cut a 15×20 inch rectangle. Once cut, I wanted to create a frilled edge, so I peeled away a few strings (about an inch along the edge). But then to make sure the edge wouldn’t continue to unravel past the point I wanted, I used ModPodge to secure the edge.

The place mat I saw in the store had painted on two parentheses, as so that they would surround the plate. I liked this idea a lot, but I didn’t want to flat out copy the place mat I saw in the store, so I decided to change up the design using the basics – the knife, fork and spoon. I cut out a template first out of basic computer paper and used a sharpie to outline the design on the burlap.

Then I simply painted over the template I made. I started with layer of paint that was very similar in color with the burlap (thinking that if I didn’t like it, the mistake could easily blend in). Then I added a second layer using a bright white paint.

Which brings us to the finished product…


Style Your Sole

As a part of Spring Fling, SAC hosted a Toms Style Your Sole party. An event where people could pre-order a pair of white, canvas Toms, and then pick them up and decorate them on the night of the event. It was a huge success. We sold 150 pairs of shoes, and on the night of the event, people were creating some pretty amazing, customized shoes. Of course, I ordered a pair, but being way too busy, I simply let them sit on my desk… until tonight.

Ta da! I feel like it would be no surprise that I chose a stars/constellation theme. And I am so excited in how they turned out.

Step one – get rid of all the white. And how appropriate that the color was called “Midnight Blue.”

Step two – splatter paint. I used this to create the effect of the millions of stars that are out there in the universe. For the color, I chose a silver, metallic paint.

Step three – embroider the stars. On the left shoe, I keep it simple by adding stars here and there (with a shooting star, of course). And then the right shoe highlighted the Orion constellation (one of my favorites).


I am simply obsessed with them!

Flags of Spring

I stand by the fact that the easiest decorations for a party/event are flags. Last week was THE Samford event I have been planning since the beginning of this year – Spring Fling. It is basically a week full of free food and activities for Samford students to enjoy. And being one of the people in charge or planning and executing the event, I will admit, I made sure it had my signature on it.

The project was really simple. At Walmart, I purchased packs of spring colored cotton fabric. I cut them into squares, trying to keep the sizes consistent. Once cut out, I used the overcast stitch around the edges, simply to make sure the fabric wouldn’t unravel in the wind.

Then I took basic twine, purchased again from Walmart, and sewed the flag and the twine in place using my zipper foot.

I was lucky enough to work on this project mostly at home – where my work space is much more spacious, but this project is simple enough that I could have easily pulled it off in the small confines of my dorm room.

Simple and beautiful!

So close to summer

My apologies for appearing to have disappeared from the face of this earth. With school work, Spring Fling (pictures to come) and now the final days before final exams, I have barely anytime to craft, let only post what I make. But once I survive these next 2 weeks, I will have the entire summer to execute all the ideas that have been floating through my head all month. One being the idea of spending an entire day painting. With that said, I leave you with a painting I did last summer

And so the countdown begins…